Chronotechna publicly unveils the SeaQuest Dive watch, which sparks excitement

Chronotechna publicly unveils the SeaQuest Dive watch, which sparks excitement

Over ninety guests joined the founders of Chronotechna and brand ambassador David Vencl on stage, and above all, the SeaQuest Dive watch. That was our event in Prague last week, where we publicly unveiled the final version of our latest model for the first time.

Last week we showed the final version of the Chronotechna SeaQuest Dive watch for the first time in Prague, and our guests at the event could try the watch directly on their hands for the first time. This was the best reward for all of us in the last few busy months as we were finalizing the production of the watch itself because seeing the joy on our customers' faces when they put the watch on their wrists for the first time was fantastic.

"If you were to ask me what Chronotechna is, I would tell you that it's our interpretation of what this brand would look like if it was created in the 21st century. It's all based on two basic ideas," Chronotechna CEO Pavel Kalouš described on stage.

"The first one is that we want to combine the art of Swiss watchmakers with Czech cleverness, or science if you prefer. We want to look for unique technologies, materials, approaches, and ideas, which we will combine with top watchmaking, in which no one in the world can compete with Switzerland," said Kalouš.

"And the other is the desire to produce mechanical watches for all adventurers, explorers, and active people. Thanks to their durability, precision, and accuracy, Chronotechna watches will not let you down, whether you are on an expedition to the North Pole, climbing Mount Everest, or the more ordinary adventures of our everyday lives," he added.

It was a wonderful evening filled with beautiful encounters, thought-provoking feedback, and the joy of having someone to share our passion for beautiful mechanical watches with. More than 90 guests arrived and among them such Czech business personalities as Leon Jakimič, Michal Nýdrle, Fady Salame, Kateřina Havrlant, Eva Kadlec Dědochová and many others. 

Apart from the founders of Chronotechna, Harry Guhl, Adrian Buchmann, and Jan Sýkora, our ambassador and the best Czech freediver David Vencl was also on the stage and enthralled everyone with his story about his mysterious underwater world and his connection with the high-end watch he wears during his adventures.

Most important, however, was the positive reaction that the SeaQuest Dive watches on display garnered. We hope that all the guests enjoyed the evening as much as we did at Chronotechna and that we will meet again soon at another similar event - preferably in other countries outside the Czech Republic!

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