David Vencl

Czech freediver and world record holder in swimming under the ice


    David Vencl is the most competent person regarding time perception, as he can last underwater for over eight minutes in one breath. The Czech freediver is in water like at home, and his records include a dive to a depth of 84 meters without an oxygen device. The world of freediving and watches have more in common than you might expect. When he dives, he has to be precise, meticulous, focused on every detail, and not allow himself to make a mistake. Moreover, every dive revolves around time because every second underwater makes a big difference. Especially when David's specialty is cold water - freezing water. He's been enjoying ice baths for many years, promoting them, and in 2021 he stunned the whole world when he broke the world record for swimming under the ice. He swam almost 81 meters under the frozen surface only in his swimsuit.

  • David Vencl, Czech freediver and iceman - wolrd record holder in distance swam under the ice without a wetsuit

"I enjoy being able to do anything underwater, I am free in it, and theoretically, I can dive at any depth. My only limit is time. Time is the absolute master of the situation; everything revolves around it. That's why it's essential for me to have a watch on hand that is accurate and reliable even deep below the surface."

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David Vencl, český freediver, freediving

český freediver David Vencl trénující statický ponor bez přístroje

Držitel světového rekordu ve vzdálenosti uplavané pod ledem bez neoprenu, David Vencl, ambasador značky Chronotechna

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