NanoBlack collection

Created to reveal new possibilities and expand rules of traditional watchmaking. Being the pioneer collection of the reborn Chronotechna brand, we developed the watch with a simplistic modern design accompanied by the exclusive use of the best available materials to withstand the harshest earthly environment.

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Aerospace dial

Swiss Made

Super luminescence

5-years warranty

Aerospace Super Black Watch Face

Technology developed at Harvard University and used before by many prominent aerospace compainess only for a satellite-borne blackbody calibration systems as the darkest man-made substance at its time. Applying it as a super-black coating to watch dials was a big step for mankind, brave step for us. Its unique physical and optical properties have resulted in produing the best readable watch dial and could be described as the closest thing to a black hole. It absorbs virtually all incident light, making it ideally suited to addressing a host of light-suppression and light-management problems, such as under water or under extreme sun.

Luxury meets science

  • Best luminescence, strongest glow

    To achieve the best readability experience provided in contrast on the dial, we teamed up with a Swiss company RC Tritec, a world leader in lume technology for 80 years, to source their luminescence technology for our timely watches.

  • 5 years warranty

    All our watches are delivered with a 5-year extended international guarantee, as we want to provide you with extra confidence regarding the quality of our watches. Within the first five years, we will cover all reparation costs for any manufacturing defects if there will occur any.

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