Diver watch - SeaQuest Dive

Under challenging conditions, you need a partner you can rely on more than anywhere else. Durable, accurate, unstoppable, and highly legible. We at Chronotechna believe there is no time and space for compromises deep below sea level. And that's what we kept reminding ourselves when we were developing our first diving watch. This is the result - the Seaquest Dive model, which incorporates the best technologies and procedures we have been using.

Durability of SeaQuest Dive watch from Chronotechna, divers watch waterproof up to 300 meter, Swiss Made


Accuracy of Chronotechna watches secured due to COSC certified movements with -4/+6 seconds max per day


Swiss Made watches from Chronotechna, reborn czech brand producing top quality Swiss watches with best time reading experience in the market

Swiss Made

5-years warranty provided to all Chronotechna watches, watches with highest legibility in the market and COSC certified Swiss movements

5-year warranty

Free shipping delivery for all Chronotechna orders above €100

Free Shipping


Providing the best time reading experience on the market, the SeaQuest Dive collection is dedicated to its super black dials. We have researched many options before finding the best and darkest viable solution - the Musou paint. Officially the blackest water-based acrylic paint in the world, Musou paint decorates and deepens the dials of our diver's watches with a microfiber structure bringing the contrast of superluminescence underlayer to the next level! The paint aims to inspire black creations as it absorbs up to 99,4 % of all incident light, almost the same as the famous Vantablack, its closest competitor.

COSC certified movement Sellita SW200-1 on a SeaQuest Dive watch model from Chronotechna, Swiss Made

Precise and accurate

All Seaquest Dive watches are equipped with Swiss automatic self-winding movement Sellita SW200-1, officially designated a ‘chronometer’ by the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres. In practice, this means that our diving watches with verified timing tolerance of just -4/+6 seconds per day belong among the top six percent of the most accurate Swiss-made mechanical watches.

SeaQuest Dive Steel Blue, švýcarské hodinky, potápěčské hodinky, vodotěsné do hloubky 300m, Sellita SW200-1 mechanický strojek

5 years warranty

We are convinced about our manufacturing quality, and therefore all Chronotechna watches are delivered with a 5-year extended international guarantee. Within the first five years, we will cover all reparation costs for any material or manufacturing defects if they occur.

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