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We're reinventing a post-World War II watch brand that had been focused on alarm clocks and stopwatches and bringing it into the twenty-first century.


    Chronotechna was founded shortly after the end of the World War II as the first manufacturer of timekeeping instruments in Czechoslovakia and operated as a state-owned cooperative for more than 30 years. During that period, it had been continuously developing and manufacturing quality Czech watches and clocks like SPARTAK and PRIM, both profoundly ingrained in the country’s heritage.

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Chronotechna’s craftsmen absorbed skills and expertise from Swiss experts as the brand worked towards its total independence. We were achieving successes that at the time were within the capabilities of only a few and much more highly developed countries. The prototypes were a huge hit, and so mass production began, along with limited-edition pieces to preserve exclusivity. The workshop was busier than ever, and huge expansions were happening at the headquarters situated in Nové Město nad Metují. From wall clocks and alarm clocks to wristwatches and stopwatches, we were the #1 manufacturer in the field in Czechoslovakia and were making great strides abroad, too.

Soon after the Velvet Revolution, Chronotechna was privatized. Along with the arrival of freedom, the country was suddenly flooded with various timepieces from around the world, from the most luxurious to the cheapest. Chronotechna could no longer compete, and as its ownership had changed at the same time, it slowly fell apart until it closed its doors completely.


After collecting dust for 18 years the brand was revived. In 2018, Swiss horological entrepreneur saw the Chronotechna brand name on an old alarm clock and fell for it immediately. The decades-old Czech brand was for sale, so he bought it as an exciting challenge with a clear vision – to reinvent a post-World War II Czech brand focused on alarm clocks and stopwatches and bring it into the 21st century.

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Chronotechna 2.0

  • In 2018, we introduced the first watch model featuring the blackest black dial, which garnered a tremendous response from all watch lovers. However, our search for advanced materials and the pushing of technological boundaries didn't end there; three years later, we introduced a new watch model that pushed the boundaries even further. Our SeaQuest Dive watch has a contrasting super black dial made from titanium, water resistance up to 300 meters, super-accurate movement with COSC certification, and improved case finishing to the next quality level.

  • Chronotechna SeaQuest Dive, 42mm, COSC certified chronometer, Superluminescence Grade X1

Passion for watchmaking to be passed on

Swiss tradition, experience and craftsmanship, Czech heart and science in a watch sold at more than fair prices. When all these factors are combined, mechanical watches can be a lot of fun. With this in mind, we have reimagined Chronotechna, a watch brand with a fresh perspective, challenging the established rules in the traditional watch industry. We are merging cutting-edge technology with traditional Swiss watchmaking to create the best tool for all explorers and adventures – durable, reliable, and accurate timepieces for harsh conditions at sea, in the mountains and in the air.
Because Chronotechna started as a company managed by a state-owned collective, the ultimate goal is to give the brand back to Czech people. It's not about enterprise and business, but rather about sharing a relentless passion for traditional watchmaking, which we want to share with everyone and pass it to our friends, clients, and shareholders. They deserve it!

Pavel Kalouš, CEO of Chronotechna Chronotechna SeaQuest Dive DLC White, česká značka, švýcarské hodinky

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Passion for watchmaking is what kept Chronotechna true to its craftmanship and keeps us exploring the undiscovered within the rules of this traditional industry. Look behind the manufacture scenes in La Chaux-de-Fonds, where our watches are born.

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SeaQuest Dive

Under challenging conditions, you need a partner you can rely on more than anywhere else. Durable, accurate, unstoppable, and highly legible. SeaQuest diver, tested for water resistance up to 300m, is built to guide you there and be your strongest ally in every adventure you decide to undertake.

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