New CEO Pavel Kalouš: We want to launch 3 new watch models by the end of 2022

New CEO Pavel Kalouš: We want to launch 3 new watch models by the end of 2022

Chronotechna announced the arrival of a new CEO, who became Pavel Kalouš, the former head of PR and communications of the Czech investment group Rockaway Capital, as of January 1. It aims to open up the fascinating world to an emerging generation of accessible luxury watch lovers and offer them top-quality mechanical watches, which combine the precise work of Swiss watchmakers with Czech tradition and science, all at an affordable price.

As many of you might already know, our first model became the third most successful Czech project on the Kickstarter platform, having raised 380 000 EUR for its creation three years ago, unfortunately with some bumps along the ride. Another similarly popular campaign took place last August, witch which we are focusing on eliminating all former mistakes. It introduced the Nano Dive model - a diving watch in a sporty design, with a rotating bezel and water resistance of up to 300 meters. In addition, it boasts a dial made from the unique VANTANIUM material, which is so black that it absorbs up to 99.965 percent of all incident light. It was developed for Chronotechna by Jan Macák’s team at the Center for Materials and Nanotechnologies at the Faculty of Chemical Technology at the University of Pardubice, as his first ever application in practice.

"It is this combination of cutting-edge materials, watchmaking, quality and unique design approach that makes Chronotechna a unique brand. We want to appeal to all lovers of mechanical watches who like to discover and get to know the world around them, who simply crave adventure, travel and look for something new in the world of watches,” says Pavel Kalouš.

The success of similar micro brands, which have succeeded in the competition of established Swiss giants, shows that there is a growing demand on the market for premium Swiss watches, which are produced in limited editions and whose price is usually far lower. Same trend is followed by Chronotechna, which has added a bit of Czech tradition to the “Swiss Made” brand.

Chronotechna's goal for this year is to strengthen its brand, focus on creating additional sales channels and building a community of enthusiasts who will fall in love with the brand. The management of Chronotechna has prepared at least three new watch models for them, which should be launched by the end of the year.


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