Testing full of adrenaline: With the SeaQuest Dive Watch on JetSurf

Testing full of adrenaline: With the SeaQuest Dive Watch on JetSurf

Water, sun, roaring engines, adrenaline, and Chronotechna SeaQuest Dive watches have proven to be the perfect companion for any adventure on the water. See what our next event was like, during which Chronotechna presented its latest model in conjunction with JetSurf, the revolutionary motorized surfboard. 

It's durable, waterproof to a depth of 300 meters, accurate, and, thanks to the extremely contrasting dial, also perfectly legible at all times. What could be a better way to test the advantages of the SeaQuest Dive watch than at full speed on the JetSurf, which, thanks to its carbon construction and powerful motor, can travel at speeds of over 50 km/h on the water?

"We wanted to give our customers two unique experiences in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere - to try the SeaQuest Dive watch in action and to learn how to ride a surfboard that doesn't need any waves. I think it was the perfect combination at the end of the summer, and all our guests were thrilled," said Pavel Kalouš, CEO of Chronotechna.

Chronotechna organized this event in cooperation with the watch shop Chronoshop.cz and the Wake & Fun area in Třeboutice near Litoměřice, where you can enjoy the JetSurf experience anytime during the summer season. Moreover, our guests were taken care of by Tomáš Kraus, a legend of Czech skiing, a four-time World Cup winner in skicross, a former Olympian, and an excellent JetSurf rider.

In the end, the result exceeded our expectations. SeaQuest Dive watch stood up to countless hard falls at full speed during the intense four hours when three JetSurfs were constantly crossing the Elbe river with our guests. Also, all the participants, despite having no experience with motor surfing, managed to stand up on the surfboard after a few minutes, which is admirable for complete beginners.

"The SeaQuest Dive watches are even more interesting in person than in the photos, and the JetSurf ride is a total blast, which blew us away," agreed the Chronotechna guests at the end of the beautiful day.


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