Auction of the unique SeaQuest Dive watch raised almost 30 thousand euros

Auction of the unique SeaQuest Dive watch raised almost 30 thousand euros

The watch brand Chronotechna presented a limited edition of its SeaQuest Dive "Azzure Deep" diving watch, which boasts a unique azure dial of which only three pieces were produced. All three were donated to charity by Chronotechna, and their auction raised almost 30 thousand EUR.

While the ultra-black dial has become the hallmark of Chronotechna watches, the Czech-Swiss brand made an exception in this case. The brand produced three pieces of SeaQuest Dive watches with an azure dial, which will never be used in the future, supporting this exceptional model's uniqueness. 

All the other parameters of the watch remain the same - steel case with sapphire crystal, Swiss movement with automatic winding Sellita SW200-1, and water resistance to 300 meters, which we carefully test at the end of the watch production in our manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland.

All three watches have already found their new owners. Jan Sýkora, one of Chronotechna's investors, has long supported underwater archaeological research on the Turkish coastline; therefore, the first watch got auctioned in Turkey for 25,000 euros to benefit the Mediterranean Archaeology Association, which will use the money to fund a new expedition ship with a state-of-the-art decompression chamber. 

The second watch was given as a personal donation during the same auction to Dr. Hakan Öniz, a professor at Akdeniz University in Antalya and a renowned Turkish underwater archaeologist. In 2018, he led an exploration team that discovered a shipwreck more than 3,600 years old at a depth of 56 meters off the coast of Antalya, officially making it the oldest trade shipwreck in the world.

The whole story of the SeaQuest Dive "Azzure Deep" watch came to a close earlier this week at the Žofín Palace in Prague, where the third watch was auctioned by the well-known distiller Martin Žufánek during a philanthropic evening organized by the Via Foundation. He is, among other things, the owner of the first Chronotechna watch from 2018, and he finally fought an auction battle for the unique SeaQuest Dive model at Žofín, which eventually raised its price to CZK 120,000 (4800 euros).

"I am pleased about it. I am glad that our watches not only make people happy but, more importantly, that they can help with beautiful and great projects. Each of these three watches now has its unique story, and that is exactly what I think the passion for beautiful watches is all about," says Pavel Kalouš, the head of Chronotechna.

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